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There were 5 teachers out today, out of a grand total of 30ish.
It was/is raining and we have no gymnasium, so PE was inside and the kids had indoor recess.
Both the art teacher and Spanish teacher were out, meaning that some teachers got no "MAPS" electives and therefore no break from their students all day.
One of my students was absent yesterday not because she was suspended but because she had to get her hair done.  Good to see her mom values education so highly.
There's mold in the upstairs boys bathroom and probably elsewhere in the building, no wonder we're all getting sick.
I found at least 13 more kids that may have IEPs, and I haven't even searched 1st and 2nd grade's files yet.  Unfortunately, that' s not unusual for New Orleans.  That's what you get when you have records flooded and families evacuated out of state for years and so many students switching schools all the time.
Plus, the copier's not working.

It really needs to be Friday already.
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I saw the brightly-colored houses of the Musician's Village.
I smelled a clean house ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow.
I felt overwhelmed by coming into my own and accepting responsibility for a sliver of the future of New Orleans by becoming a teacher.
I tasted pesto pasta for dinner because I was too lazy to do anything more for dinner than boil water for spaghetti.
I heard the voices of many friends telling me I'll be okay, that I can make it as a New Orleans Public School teacher.

Strength does not mean the absence of fear.  I moved 1100 miles from home to thrive and to make a difference.

RSD update

Nov. 14th, 2007 01:03 pm
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I went in for the "skills assessment" this morning.  There were 32 multiple choice questions plus an essay about teaching methods.  I'm sure I aced it, and it didn't surprise me that it wasn't all that hard.  As of 4:30 this afternoon the recruiting specialist will be sending out an email to all the RSD principals, and I should start hearing back from them by next week.  I also have to get a TAT, which is "Temporary Authority to Teach," which I'm assuming will tide me over until I can get a provisional teaching license.  You can have a provisional license for up to 3 years as long as you're making satisfactory progress in a teacher education program.

According to the New Orleans Public Schools website, there are 34 RSD (non-charter) schools open in the city at this point, about half of which serve elementary-age students (grades 1-5, my area of certification).  More than 2,000 students have registered for school with RSD since the beginning of the school year.

By the end of next week I may officially be a teacher in the New Orleans Recovery School District.

When I've officially accepted a teaching position, I'm going to buy this.
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RSD has gotten back to me already.  I have to pick a morning next week to go in for a "Skills Assessment" and bring identification, proof of enrollment from UNO, and an official list of the courses which I am taking.

I'm thinking Wednesday because I have field experience scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday, I can't get the paperwork together by Monday because the offices at UNO are closed, and Friday is my last day at EC other than Thanksgiving dinner.  This assessment starts at 9 am but I have no idea how long it takes.

This is exciting and exactly what I needed today.

Now I'm going out for a run before it gets dark.  The Crescent City Fall Classic 5k is tomorrow morning, bright and early at 8:30 am.

EDIT:  The Office of the Registrar at UNO is working on my proof of enrollment and list of enrolled courses.  Keep your fingers crossed that it's ready by tomorrow afternoon, or else I'll have to reschedule the RSD testing until Friday.


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