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Well, after 10 weeks of getting up at 6:15 am, I'm finally done with work. I have been for 5 days actually-and I don't miss it a bit. I LOVE going to bed after midnight. I LOVE sleeping in until 9:30. I love being able to lay around the house instead of pounding away on concrete floors 8 hours a day-marathon training is gonna be a heck of a lot easier. And if I need a break from SMP stuff, I'm welcome back at work over winter break-and given that I want to do a pretty pricey Outward Bound course after graduation (eeek, is graduation next year already?!?), I'll probably do it anyway for the money.
Yay, I got to take Alice, another Special Olympics athlete, out sailing yesterday. We took out one of the slightly more tippy 15-foot boats and the algae onshore was nasty, so things were more than a little bit interesting. It took me awhile to figure out the race course (we didn't even finish the first race 'cause I got lost), and figure out how to jibe (the scarier means of turning the boat) without scaring her. But we managed to finish our last two races, and to get out on the water and back onshore without any major mishaps. (Except for stiff shoulders and quads today.) Woo hoo! That algae was still gross, though. Thick and ooky and bubbly and wrapped around your ankles and smelled positively foul.
Okay, I don't know how many of you know this, but I'm seriously considering Americorps after I graduate from St. Mary's. But I have no idea whatsoever where I want to go. Name a state, any state. That's your test of the week to see if anyone's actually reading this thing. :-)

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Sorry nothing too original lately. It's hard to be inspired to write in here when all I do is get up waaaay too early, go to work and put away hundreds of overpriced mens' shirts, run home, read for a coupla hours, eat dinner, then go to bed.
Well, there was sailing on Tuesday night. I've been sailing with Special Olympics of Baltimore County for almost two years now, and last Tuesday I was allowed out with a Special Olympics athlete for the first time. We didn't exactly win any races, though we did have a good start that second time-the focus was more on just finishing in one of the slower 14 foot boats (less sail area than the 15s) in very light, touchy winds. Unfortunately, Dad and I won't be able to go to the regatta at St. Mary's this year-Heidi's end-of-bassoon-camp concert is the same day. :-( But now that I've officially "graduated," I'm ready to take out any victims, I mean volunteers, on the boats at St. Mary's.
I also have a 13 mile run planned for this afternoon on the NCR Trail. It'll be my first run over 8 miles in probably 3 months. It's time to get back to feeling like a marathon runner! I also had a fun 6 mile run in the rain Wed., and I have two races scheduled for next week-a 10k Thursday and a 5k Sunday. At least one of those will probably be a tempo workout more than anything else-probably the 5k. I've run a gajillion 5ks and that PR is pretty much set in stone, but I've only done 2 10ks and could use a faster PR there. Woo hoo!
I'll end my rambling there and move on to something productive-reading the 5th Harry Potter, for instance. I love summer. :-)

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Running in the heat-94* according to the bank thermometer, 84* by the one at home in the shade-can be brutal. But give me a warm, muggy day over the cold and wind at the dead of winter any day. No, it wasn't THAT much fun-try green sweat running down my back thanks to my freshly-dyed hair. But it was satisfying-and much better than slacking off for the 3rd day in a row. (Wasn't feeling so good Monday, went sailing yesterday.)
I have a race tomorrow-somewhere around 3 miles on the trails around Hashawha. It's the next race in the local summer race series, and I just hope it's not too hot. Not that that bothers me too much anyway. B-)
Work is work. I'm trying to work as much overtime as possible to save up for whichever awesome trip I decide to take after graduation.

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I ran home from work again today, total of 6 miles. Worked the hills too. It was hot-about 86-and humid. Not ideal running weather but hey, anyone can run if it's perfect outside. If I were to wait for perfect weather, I wouldn't get out there very often. And the real fun starts when I'm running 50 mile weeks in August. If I thought today was hot...
Almost halfway done with work for the summer. Yay! It's so boring putting away shirts and pants all day, but at least it's pretty mindless and I have time to think. And have Les Mis and Jimmy Buffett songs run through my head. (Interesting combo, huh?) And think about the run I'm going to do as soon as I get off. I just have to work there long enough for my mom to buy all her Christmas presents with my employee discount.
First day of Special Olympics sailing for the summer tomorrow. I'm a little nevous, but I'm sure I'll be fine. If nothing else, I'll be out on the water, and it's so cool to harness the power of the wind and know you're in control-or at least in control enough not to tip over or freak out when you think you're gonna. :p

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Woo hoo! Whitewater rafting yesterday was soooo much fun. Class III and IV rapids as promised-exciting enough to be fun but not so much as to be terrifying. The weather was near-perfect-chilly enough in the morning that we needed wetsuits (which where really uncomfortable but warm), warm enough by the afternoon that the spray from the rapids felt close to delicious. And Heidi was the only one who went over-that was scary for all of us, fortunately it was easy it get her back in 'cause she's so light-and we worked really well together as a family. Too bad Mom didn't come-we'll have to go again over the summer and get her in on it. And don't worry, we have pictures...
Back to work today. Boy, was I ever stiff and tired from yesterday-mostly in my shoulders and back. Fortunately, putting away ties and pants doesn't require too much heavy lifting. I ran home today too-I need to keep up my reputation at work as the girl who runs and it was a beautiful day. Just under 70 and breezy with a few drops of rain. I know ideally it should be cooler for running, but I'm a warm-weather kinda girl. Gimme heat and humidity over cold and wind any day! 7 miles at a pretty easy pace-I had speed repeats planned but then remembered that the local race series starts Thursday and I want to put in a good showing, That'll have to serve as my speedswork for the week.
Okay, enough of rambling. Chris, I know you're still at school and reading this, anyone else? Any point to me keeping this thing updated over the summer?

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Wow, spending 8+ hours on your feet putting away 1753 shirts (approximately) at work today was exhausting! Then I ran home, 6 miles (4 + 2 around the neighborhood) in 93* heat just to top it off. And to cool down I jumped in our 74*, freshly-opened pool. Did that ever feel good! Post-run and post-sand white polo shirt recovery.
I'm running a social experiment at work. Everyone there is so quiet, so focused, not bothering or feeling they have the time to talk or even smile or even look anyone in the eyes. It drives me crazy. No music either. So I've decided to smile at everyone I can get to look at me. I'll see how long it takes for people to start smiling back, to breathe some life into that place. $9 an hour is great, but I'm going to go crazy this summer with only overpriced shirts and mechanical humming to keep me company. It's mindless enough to just about drive me crazy, yet not so mindless that I can just drift off and think about whatever. But it's just for the summer-I can handle almost anything for 12 weeks-and if it lets me do what I want to do the rest of the year, like have a single room and a laptop, go to Key West and on Outward Bound courses, etc., I'll be okay.
Guess what my big project for the summer is? After seeing Heidi and Kristin do such an awesome job with Les Mis last weekend, I want to read the book. But not just in English, no that would be too easy. I want to tackle the original French, in prep. for a re-attempt at French lit. next year. I was so close...yet so far away. And with 2 years between me and my last French class, it'll be even more of a challenge. It'll help take the edge off the monotony of stocking endless shirts and socks. :-)
Signing off and heading outside to finish The Five People You Meet in Heaven. Awesome book. I highly recommend it.



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