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Short version-NCR Trail Marathon this morning in 4:28.

Long version-There is no room for inflated egos in the marathon world. Your training can be fantastic and you can still fall apart on race day, but the important thing is that you finish if at all possible. Once you give up one time I imagine it’s much easier not to finish the next time.

I ran the first 1/2 pretty much on pace for a 4 hour marathon. I hit 10 miles in 1:32 and went through halfway in 2:01ish. Then the wheels started to fall off. Actually, they were falling off a while before that, but until things really got bad I was in denial. After about mile 16 I accepted the inevitable. I felt queasy, my hips were tightening up, and pretty much everything hurt. It was a combination of being sick the past two weeks, driving 17 hours roundtrip to Rhode Island a few days ago, and setting too ambitious of a marathon goal. 4 hours sounded good on paper, but I just didn’t have the training going into marathon season to back it up.

The great thing was, I still had a good time. I walked 5 minutes a mile and ran when I could. It was a beautiful day. My mom, my coach, and two of my friends (one with her husband and a baby on the way) came out to cheer me on. I finished under 4:30. I ran through the finish line. When all is said and done, I still ran 26.2 miles, which is something more than 99% of the population will never do. Given that I wanted to drop out of the race about a dozen times, that’s an accomplishment.

I’m switching my focus to 5ks for awhile to work on my speed. I’ll miss 20 mile long runs, though, I have to admit. I think they’re more fun than the marathon.

20 miles

Oct. 21st, 2006 07:28 pm
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20 miles this morning starting at 8:30 at mile 0 on the NCR Trail.

Gels at miles 4, 8, 12, 16. Gel at 16 was caffeinated, hence I ran 9:16, 9:18, 9:06 for the last 3 miles for a final run time of 3:19:41/9:59 pace. I have never, so far as I can remember, run that far that fast without being in a race. I never felt tired, and I actually could have run farther. Definitely bodes well for race day.

Celebrated afterwards with blueberry pancakes and orange juice at Bagel Works and coconut custard from Snickerdoodles where my sister works.

Marathon is 11/25. Goal is under 4 hours/9:09 pace. 5k next weekend, 21 miles the weekend after that, then taper…just 5 weeks to go!

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I'd forgotten how much I missed early morning long runs on the NCR Trail.  12 miles today at a painfully slow 11 minute mile pace, but I gotta start my comeback somewhere.  3:59 here I come.

It was crazy-humid this morning.  Not too hot though, thank goodness.  I was glad I started early, around 7:30.

Where the real challenge will lie is in walking down the steps to breakfast tomorrow morning.

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NCR Trail Marathon goes out in the mail today.  14 weeks to go.

6 hilly miles last night and 4 more tonight.  11-12 on Saturday morning.

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Monday-1 mile w/u, 3x800 w/400 recovery 4:00 for 800s, 1 mile c/d, stretch (1 mile w/u, 3x800 @ 3:57, 3:55, 3:56 w/400 recovery, 1 mile c/d, stretch)
Tuesday-rest and stretch
Wednesday-6 miles, moderate effort, hilly neighborhood loop, stretch (6 hilly miles, stretch)
Thursday-4 miles easy, stretch
Friday-rest and stretch
Saturday-11-12 miles, long slow distance, NCR Trail, stretch
Sunday-Kowomu Trail 4-Miler, not as a race (around 10 mm pace), stretch

5 runs (speedwork, mid-distance, long run), 29-30 miles.  

I need a running icon.


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