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I like to say I was a history major from the time I was about 10 and got upset when social studies classes were canceled every time we had a 2 hour snow delay.  From the time I was in middle school and my sisters and I played southern plantation in the basement, complete with cotton plants made out of cotton balls.  From the time I was in high school and dyed paper with tea and wrote by candlelight to complete a US history assignment, then went on to read The Peculiar Institution in AP US history and ace both the US and European history AP tests.

Reading The Peculiar Institution, the first modern book written on antebellum slavery in the United States inspired my senior year college thesis project titled Slavery and Freedom in St. Mary's County, Maryland and Key West, Florida.  You should have been there to see the reaction when I presented my project, with a white professor who grew up in Tennessee or something arguing that they always took care of the black children in their care and a black professor who grew up in the Caribbean arguing vehemently otherwise.  After I graduated, I put the project away and all but forgot about it.

Until now.

Now I'm not saying that I'm going to devote myself full-time to research or anything, especially not with teaching starting in the fall and for at least three years and education classes for at least the next 11 months.  But visiting the Historic New Orleans Collection this afternoon touched a nerve.  I'd love to continue the research I started 4 years ago and see how New Orleans compared with Maryland and Key West, especially Key West because it too was a frontier town heavily influenced by Caribbean immigration.  If nothing else, I can read a few books on New Orleans history to satisfy my own interest and help get me ready for eventually becoming a licensed tour guide.

Committing to teaching in New Orleans for at least three years gives me a stake in her future and, by extension, a need to understand her past.

Plus, it's a great excuse to take advantage of ice-cold air-conditioning.
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I had my SMP presentation yesterday morning. Christine and Denise said I did a very good job and looked sounded very professional, but geez did those professors grill me. Slavery is a touchy subject, I suppose. It's done though. Now all I have is finals, which seem pretty anticlimatic after my SMP.

I'm exhausted. Maybe finishing up my SMP then running a 1/2 marathon 2 days later wasn't the best idea. We finished 5th out of 50 2-person Frederick Marathon relay teams, though. :D That made me very happy. I finished in 1:57:02, and my relay partner ran just over 1:30 to bring us in around 3:27. Yay! I ran in a 3:27 marathon. Someday I'll do that by myself. :-)

(We're "Half the Run, All the Fun.")

Next up: 18/55 Pfitz plan for the Baltimore Marathon, October 15th.

Oh, and I was accepted to this really cool-sounding internship in Charles Village. I'd be entering census information into their database to help preserve historic neighborhoods in Baltimore. The only catch is that it's about 45 minutes away and I don't have a car and the internship doesn't pay. :O So to do the internship I'd have to work 20 hours a week there, at least 20 hours a week someplace else to afford a car and gas-and never mind the Special Olympics sailing that I love and marathon training peaking at 55 miles a week, quality miles to boot.

Do I really want to do all that right after graduation? Or do I need a break? Right now I'm exhausted, but maybe after senior week and sleeping in a few mornings I'd feel better. It sounds like such an excellent opportunity, but I don't know if I can pull it off without running myself (literally) into the ground. And I have to decide by Friday. :O

Okay, back to studying for my exam tomorrow.

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Wooooooo hooooooo!!! I'm done with my SMP!!! 56 pages on "Slavery and Freedom in St. Mary's County, Maryland and Key West, Florida." Yayyayyayyayyayyayyayyay!!!

And I am proud to say that I'm running off of 2 1/2 hours of sleep last night.

Now for the Frederick Marathon relay Sunday morning...

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My SMP advisor says that whenever I use "conversely" it makes him want to jump out a window. His words, not mine. I'm actually getting quite a kick out of that-good thing, 'cause I'm going to need a sense of humor to get through this week.

8.2 miles yesterday with 3.6 of those miles at tempo pace. For me, that's 8:27 miles/7.1 mph on the treadmill. Today was 4 miles recovery at just under 10:00 pace. Woo hoo for the Frederick Marathon in 9 days! I'm running the first leg of the two-person relay, so for all intents and purposes I'm running a 1/2 marathon.

Okay, back to work. Yes, I'm working on my SMP on a Friday night. Yes, I was in the library almost until it closed getting all exited over history stuff. I'm so cool. :p

~ Bethany


Apr. 17th, 2005 06:57 pm
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Aw geez. Stupid me decided not to wear sunscreen while running 12 miles under a cloudless sky with no shade at high noon. So now I have a brilliant sunburn, mostly on my face, arms and shoulders. Sleeping tonight is going to be an interesting proposition.

When will I learn that sunburn really really hurts before it actually happens?

On the bright side, I ran 12 miles and realized that church is only a shade over 6 miles from campus. I'm seriously considering running up there next Sunday-church doesn't start 'til 11, and it would be fun to see the looks on people's faces when I told them I ran all the way from St. Mary's to Lexington Park. Car? What car? I don't need a car. :p

Also on the bright side, I'm up to 46 pages on my SMP. I'm also realizing that my St. Mary's Emancipation section is better than I thought and doesn't need that much revising to be presentable. That's good because the two slavery sections are still a mess and need a lot more work before I feel good about them.

Okay, back to work. Hopefully they won't find anymore bombs/fallen light fixtures on campus and I can actually get my work done.

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Tomorrow I'm going to sleep in as late as I want, no regrets. I'm tired of this stay up late then get up at 7 to run or get up for my 9:20 class thing. Ridiculous. I'm writing a SMP here, I deserve to indulge myself with a few extra hours of sleep on the weekends. And I refuse to live off string cheese and canned peaches. Raisin bran and soy milk for me, thanks. One of these days I'll have to stay up all night writing then run at sunrise and go to bed, just to say that as a college student I actually pulled an all-nighter for once.
I love St. Mary's. My 9:20 class let out early, so I headed down to Church Point and hung out on the beach for awhile, then sauntered back to Kent for my 10:40 and wasn't even late. Geez, I'll miss living down by the water. I just realized today that all my running routes feature at least some passing glimpse of the St. Mary's River, never mind cooling down with a little stretching 5 feet from the water afterwards. Can't exactly do that in Hampstead, now can I?
Wow, when was the last time I stayed up this late NOT doing work? I can't even remember.
And if you have time to read your journal in between teaching middle-schoolers about plankton and getting up at 6 am, thanks for coming down for the cabaret Michelle. Wandering around campus with your dog for hours was more fun and relaxing than I've had for quite some time now.

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34 pages of SMP done!!! Woo hoo!!!

(That'd better make my advisor happy.)

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52 days until graduation.

25 pages of SMP done.

(Insert grinning emoticon here.)

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Yay for embedded circut training this morning, anti-yay for feeling so yucky I couldn't finish it. I was going to do 2 miles/circut/2 miles/circut/2 miles/circut/2 miles. That's 3 circuts and 8 miles. I made it 2 circuts and 6 miles, which was darn impressive given how gross I felt. I guess no 32 miles for this week, unless I feel really good this weekend running-wise and fit in 14 miles Saturday or Sunday. Given the amount of work I have to do this weekend, that's unlikely (but not impossible).

Running plans for this week:

Tuesday-4 miles
Wednesday-6 miles, 8 planned
Thursday-4 miles
Saturday-either 12 or 4 miles
Sunday-whichever doesn't get done Sat.

And yeesh, do I have a lot of homework to do. Insane amounts of reading for my SMP (as usual), a 25 page paper and a 6-8 page paper for theories and uses (which I skipped today-that's how yucky I felt-I haven't skipped a class in probably 2 years), an issues paper for Senegambian cultures, and a presentation for history class. Blah. I'll be very happy when finals are over.

Research for my SMP would be so much easier if I could afford to fly down to Key West over winter break. Then I could personally visit the historic society, libraries, etc., instead of relying on what's online or at the Library of Congress (which, admittely, is a resource I'm pretty lucky to have). And of course, in addition to research, I'd need to eat a few seafood dinners on the water, watch the sun set from Mallory Square, and indulge in some Key Lime Pie and a margarita or two. B-) Can't be a pale academic. If only I weren't living on a college-student budget...

Okay, back to work for me. Talk to you all later.

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OK, St.Mary's is not FIU. Classes, for one thing, are going to be just a bit more difficult-try 3 6-8 and one 25-30 page paper-for one class. That would be Theories and Uses of History. And the big paper has to be written about "the historical assumptions and presentation of history" in a textbook, for crying out loud. Does that mean we have to read the whole textbook. They must think we're graduate students or this is the only class we're taking or something.
And my Values Inq philosophy class is going to be tough. Not a ridiculous amount of work, but we're going to spend the next two weeks talking about torture. Uplifting, isn't it? I can't read more than a page or two at a time without getting depressed. You would think that a class called "The Phenomenon of Violence and Non-Violent Strategies" would focus more on the non-violent side of things, right? That's what I figured-but I guess that's what you get when the professor's specialization is the Holocaust. Go figure.
My "Peoples and Cultures of Senegambia" class looks interesting, though. Only 8 people in the whole class, and the professor spent the summer running a field school in the Gambia. Should be lots of good discussion-all of them should be actually, but the workload is rather overwhelming right now. Just a little bit tougher than FIU, and I'm not a "hot commidity" as a minority either. No practically-free trips to Key West in the mix, I'll bet.
But that's what my SMP is for. Comparative slavery in Key West and St. Mary's County. You think listening to Jimmy Buffett counts as research? :p



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