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Three years ago I went to Key West for 3 days/2 nights with my South Florida History class.  I went on a private tour of President Truman's Little White House, ate 4 slices of key lime pie in under 48 hours, and searched unsuccessfully for a book on African Americans in 19th century Key West for my SMP called Forgotten Legacy.  I fell in love with Key West almost like I fell in love with New Orleans, but in three years I haven't been back, for one reason or another.

I also bought a pair of sandals called Kinos.  These were the most comfortable sandals you could buy for under $10 and you could only get them in Key West.  I've worn them everywhere for the last three years and they're just now falling apart.  I was going to buy myself another pair before the cruise at the end of June.  Lo and behold, I find they've gone out of business.  I can't even find them on Ebay, not in my size anyway.

If you could find me a pair of these sandals in any color (but preferably black) you would be my hero.
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Yay for embedded circut training this morning, anti-yay for feeling so yucky I couldn't finish it. I was going to do 2 miles/circut/2 miles/circut/2 miles/circut/2 miles. That's 3 circuts and 8 miles. I made it 2 circuts and 6 miles, which was darn impressive given how gross I felt. I guess no 32 miles for this week, unless I feel really good this weekend running-wise and fit in 14 miles Saturday or Sunday. Given the amount of work I have to do this weekend, that's unlikely (but not impossible).

Running plans for this week:

Tuesday-4 miles
Wednesday-6 miles, 8 planned
Thursday-4 miles
Saturday-either 12 or 4 miles
Sunday-whichever doesn't get done Sat.

And yeesh, do I have a lot of homework to do. Insane amounts of reading for my SMP (as usual), a 25 page paper and a 6-8 page paper for theories and uses (which I skipped today-that's how yucky I felt-I haven't skipped a class in probably 2 years), an issues paper for Senegambian cultures, and a presentation for history class. Blah. I'll be very happy when finals are over.

Research for my SMP would be so much easier if I could afford to fly down to Key West over winter break. Then I could personally visit the historic society, libraries, etc., instead of relying on what's online or at the Library of Congress (which, admittely, is a resource I'm pretty lucky to have). And of course, in addition to research, I'd need to eat a few seafood dinners on the water, watch the sun set from Mallory Square, and indulge in some Key Lime Pie and a margarita or two. B-) Can't be a pale academic. If only I weren't living on a college-student budget...

Okay, back to work for me. Talk to you all later.


Key West

Apr. 18th, 2004 06:18 pm
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is awesome. That's all I have to say. I love real key lime pie and seafood and sunsets like nothing else. And I'm framing the Conch Republic flag and hanging it up in my room until I can move there and baking everyone key lime pie made with REAL key lime juice. Mmm mmm.
No place like it on earth.

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I never thought 3 1/2 months ago that Miami could ever feel like home, on my way back from Key West this afternoon, after we pulled off the turnpike and onto 117th St., I started to get that feeling. A feeling like, "yeah that was an awesome vacation but it feels so good to be home. Oh look, we must be getting close, there's Tamiami Park." Not that Maryland won't always be home too, but I've learned you can make a home anywhere if you live there long enough and become a part of the place.
But about the trip-I've never had a more relaxing three days in my life. No worries, just delicious food and awesome people (esp. those from my class I was staying with) and perfect weather. I can totally see why people keep coming back. Sure, it has it's reputation, but look beyond that you'll see you're even farther from the US than you are in Miami ;-), you're in the Caribbean. They have everything that Miami does in terms of scenery-palm trees, blue water, beaches, sunshine-but no one's in any kind of a rush.
I take the conch crossstitch that I did a few years back as a sign-I belong there. I'll be a researcher or give tours on one of the conch trains or be a key lime pie critic or something. It felt like it was meant to be. Flamingos and palm trees and key lime pie and conch shells...I think I'm in love.

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I'm here, it's beautiful, need I say more? :-) Palm trees and sparkling blue water and beaches and, oh no, time is ticking away. Time to get out there and have fun! (Whoops, I forgot my swimsuit, better take care of that!)



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