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I saw clusters of ripe, juicy, sun-warmed blueberries practically falling off the bushes.  I saw New Orleans way off in the distance like a mirage as we recrossed the causeway bridge, and clouds gathering in front of us and whitecaps on the lake.  It's just one of those New Orleans summer days, so humid it rains just because the sky can't hold the water anymore.
I smelled purple blueberry juice dripping onto my fingers, sunscreen, bug spray, sweat.
I felt refreshed after a few hours in rural Louisiana, like I should be baking a blueberry pie for the country fair in an apron and a sun hat.
I tasted a fried catfish po-boy and sweet potato fries at a local restaurant in Folsom.  I think they had to catch the catfish and grow the potatoes before we got served, but at least it was tasty and not a chain restaurant.
I heard WWOZ on the radio as soon as we crossed the lake and breeze blowing through open car windows instead of A/C.  It's refreshing to drive with the windows open in the summer, so long as you don't get stuck in traffic.
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I saw tourists step right out in front of me while biking down to The Historic New Orleans Collection.  Look, I know we're all in a heat daze and you can get go-cups and drink in the streets and yes, the French Quarter is very pretty and we all need to stop and take pictures of it, but would you mind looking before stepping into the middle of the street?
Do I get extra points for actually running into one, or maybe free beignets or an Abita or at least new brakes for my bike?
I smelled fresh strawberries on my cereal, fresh blueberries and/or blackberries coming soon to a bowl of cereal near you.
I felt like the weather was cooler today, fancy that, 85* almost feels refreshing.  It is refreshing I think, even with matching humidity, so long as there's a good breeze.  The breeze keeps away the mosquitos too.  Stupid mosquito bites from sitting on the porch at 1 am.
I tasted margaritas at Tomatillo's and double chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven at midnight.  That's the best time to bake cookies, late at night after a couple drinks.
I heard Kermit Ruffins at Vaughan's on Thursday night.  It was entertaining to watch the tourists show up in cabs wearing beads and looking so out of place, that is if they even dared to get out of the cab, because we do live in such a terrifying neighborhood.  (Bodies found in trash cans notwithstanding.)  The music was better enjoyed from the wooden bench out front, away from the crowds and the heat in a too-tight little black dress and sneakers.  This is the 9th ward, I don't care if I'm overdressed and don't match.
We should go hear him play somewhere somewhat less crazy, somewhere where we can enjoy the music.
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I saw ships above my head as I drove and biked home along Chartres, which never fails to remind me that yes, I live below sea level.
I smelled the sunscreen I slathered on at lunchtime, so as not to get burned subbing outside in PE all day.  It was something like 90* today with full sunshine, high humidity and just enough of a breeze.  Perfect for spending the day outside as long as you can sit in the shade.
I felt exhausted by 7 hours of being outside, but went for a run anyway.  Then I ate ice cubes and took a cold shower and now I feel reasonably undisgusting and sweaty, with the fans on and the A/C on and wearing a comfy tank top and drinking lots of water.
I tasted homemade bread pudding in the teacher's lounge at Leo E. Kerner Elementary down in Lafitte.
I heard Kenny Wayne Shepherd over and over en route to subbing this morning, mostly "In 2 Deep."
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I saw Mardi Gras decorations everywhere on my run, and one of the Zulu coconuts at school.  The teacher I work with is riding in the Zulu parade on Mardi Gras Day and I need to find someone to go with me.  They paint the coveted Zulu coconuts in art class at my school, or the art teacher does, or something like that.
I smelled delicious red beans, shrimp pasta, and jambalaya at the all-black birthday party D. brought me along to.
I felt somewhat frazzled from working with a hyperactive kindergarten student all day.  More on that later.
I tasted king cake in the front lot of the elementary school, and I brought the leftovers home with me for the our Mardi Gras costume making endeavor tomorrow.
I heard my new Professor Longhair CD en route to and from work.  I'm just impressed that my mom was able to find that in Maryland.

I learned the CI,  or Crisis Intervention, hold today.  That should tell you something about the student I'm working with.
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I saw twinkling Christmas lights on the shotgun houses as I biked home along the river.
I smelled warming soup and cough drops, yeah I'm sick and this is not good timing because I start subbing on Monday.
I felt a cold north wind bringing something like winter for Christmas. Shut up, 56* IS TOO cold. It's supposed to get down to 42* overnight, you try doing that with no insulation in the walls. Hopefully the power stays on.
I tasted cafe au lait at Sound Cafe after the food co-op meeting. I think I have creases in my fingers from folding so many co-op brochures and it's about time I read Uncle Tom's Cabin.
I heard WWOZ, all New Orleans, all the time, and Mr. Okra driving down the street with his fresh fruits and vegetables. Yay for fresh oranges and cantaloupe and the continuation of New Orleans traditions.  I think snacking on cantaloupe during a Saints game brings them good luck.
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I saw the brightly-colored houses of the Musician's Village.
I smelled a clean house ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow.
I felt overwhelmed by coming into my own and accepting responsibility for a sliver of the future of New Orleans by becoming a teacher.
I tasted pesto pasta for dinner because I was too lazy to do anything more for dinner than boil water for spaghetti.
I heard the voices of many friends telling me I'll be okay, that I can make it as a New Orleans Public School teacher.

Strength does not mean the absence of fear.  I moved 1100 miles from home to thrive and to make a difference.
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I saw a fight break out in class today in a 4th grade classroom.
I smelled my banana nut chocolate chip muffins baking.  FYI, chocolate and New Orleans heat do not get along.  Keep chocolate in the freezer.  It tastes better that way anyway.
I felt happy that STAIR is finally getting started for the kids at Drew, and frustrated that it took this long.
I tasted red beans and rice in the school cafeteria for lunch (this was on Monday, of course).
I heard the wind whistling through the trees, it's November and finally fall.  I need to remember to pick up my mattress on Thursday.
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I saw soymilk in the fridge at Mardi Gras Zone, yay soymilk and I will try not to spill it on my keyboard this time.
I smelled Aunt Sally's Creole Pralines biking down Chartres to Mardi Gras Zone.
I felt stiff from biking all over town and running mile repeats this afternoon to boot.
I tasted cheesy rice and chili for lunch at Emergency Communities.
I heard Doc Otis at Kajun's until midnight, then a train whistling as we biked back to the Bywater but we made it across the tracks in time.
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I saw cobwebs strung on porches, faded Mardi Gras beads dangling from the trees, pumpkin tablecloths displayed on the sidewalk outside Frady's on Dauphine.
I smelled red beans and rice for dinner at a French Quarter restaurant, Hubig pies baking.
I felt the last vestiges of summer warmth.
I tasted salty sweat dripping, still warm enough for a t-shirt and shorts at the end of October.
I heard a neighborhood kid learning how to play trumpet on his front porch, "hey baby, run an extra mile for me 'cause I need the exercise" coming from the tables outside Frady's.

Okay, back to homework.  The sooner I finish with my classwork the sooner I can start looking seriously for a teaching job.


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