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7 pushups in 2 minutes=score of 46 (need 17/score of 60 to pass)
70 situps in 2 minutes=score of 87
15:57 for a 2 mile run=score of 96

Total score of 229 (240 needed to pass)-up from 212 2 months ago

And just for curiosity's sake, here's how I stack up against the men's times:

7 pushups in 2 minutes=score of 22 (need 20/score of 60 to pass)
70 situps in 2 minutes=score of 87
15:57 for a 2 mile run=score of 67 (need 13:00 for a perfect 100)

Total score of 176 (whoops)

The coolest part is that my 2 mile time is only 21 seconds off my time from last summer, and that was in a race where it's always easier to run faster. I guess my weight training is balancing out my skimpy mileage lately. I can't wait to see what I can do this summer!

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I did a pushup test and a situp test just now-5 pushups in 30 seconds (but I don't think I could have done any more-these were real pushups, mind you) and 62 situps in 2 minutes. That gives me a score of 43 in pushups and 76 in situps, though I haven't run since Wednesday. (Whoops.) If the track's not icy I'll do the 2 mile run test tomorrow afternoon.

Just trying to guilt-trip you all into sticking with this. :-)


EDIT: 2 miles in 16:18 just this afternoon (12/18). That's a total score of 43 (5 pushups) + 76 (62 situps) + 93 (16:18 2 mile) = 212 total.
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For those of you training to meet the Army PFT standards, post your updates here.

I did 100 situps and 20 pushups last night. They were kind of real pushups, on my knees but with everything else all lined up like it was supposed to be, so that's progress. I'm not even sore today, though I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

Geez, I need a break. I feel terribly unproductive. Maybe the VISTA training tomorrow and Friday'll help shake me out of this rut. If nothing else I'll get to spend the night in a fancy hotel on VISTA's dollar and hang out with my PSO friends, including Margarita Mama and Super VISTA. (Otherwise known as Laurie and Susan.)

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I decided to best the Army Physical Fitness standards...chose the Army so I could beat Chris. :-) First the women's scores: , then the men's: .



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